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Try A Laptop Repair Yourself and
Make Money While You Learn...

All the basics of laptop repair including laptop manuals are here for you to learn from in this unique "EARN and LEARN Laptop Repair course"

Having written over 30 computer training courses on a variety of subjects I thought it would be a good idea to put together a course on laptop repairs. Only to find a real big snag...Laptops are huge money earners for manufacturers, which is why they all use their own proprietary components.

Therefore, unlike a PC, you can't swap and change bits and pieces from one laptop and put them in another ( Laptop Repair Information) laptop. This means that whatever you are taught on one make of laptop, the procedure can be entirely different on another make or model! So, in the strictest sense you really can't have a laptop repair course that covers all makes and models.

Therefore if no training is available….."How do you go about getting the knowledge to carry out basic laptop repairs?" There's just not that many laptop repair manuals available, which are easy to understand!

Well the only way it can be done is either...

  1. Work for a company that carries out laptop repairs. The only drawback to this is that (a) there aren't many that will take you on, and (b) it won't be well paid. 
  2. Buy laptops and take them apart yourself. This is the path which I chose. And, after many costly mistakes, became proficient in basic repairs and hardware upgrades. I then went into the business of repairing and selling second-user laptops.

Having been in the business, I have amassed a vast amount of knowledge and expertise which, (due to semi-retirement) I'm now releasing. This is information that you can't just go out and get, you won't find it.......because it no longer exists!

You DON'T need any qualifications to start your own laptop repair business. We'll supply you with the technical knowledge and the marketing material you need to be up and running in a very short space of time. You'll be learning on the older laptops because once you're proficient in those, the new ones are very easy. After all if you mess up on an old laptop, then it's not going to be a financial disaster.

The only problem you'll have (in the beginning) is that you won't have enough time to satisfy the demand and, you won't have enough laptops to sell. These are the main problems which you'll encounter! Which I think you'll agree, are GREAT problems to have.

And don't worry; you don't need to know ANY complicated repair procedures. You just need to know 'basic' repairs. You can then build up your knowledge to any level you desire. I'm going to supply you with all the necessary courseware to get you going in this expanding market.

Using our laptop repair guides, you'll have the knowledge to…

  • Identify ALL the parts in a Laptop.
  • Fit laptop screens.
  • Fit laptop keyboards.
  • Fit memory into ANY laptop.
  • Fit hard drives into ANY laptop.
  • Clean a laptop keyboard to an 'as new' condition. This little-known technique can make you a ton of money alone.
  • How and where to buy laptops cheaply and sell them for a healthy profit.
  • Which laptops to buy and which to stay away from.

Course #1 - How To Fit/Install Laptop Hard Drives

You'll discover....

  • What you need to know about hard drive installation.
  • Example Hard Drives.
  • How To Partition & Format the New Hard Drive.
  • Special instructions for notebook computers made prior to 1998.
  • By-passing the BIOS Password.
  • What to do if You Can't Boot The System.
  • Laptop BIOS Settings.
  • What to do if you can't remember your BIOS password.
  • and you need to get into the BIOS.
  • A comprehensive FAQ section.

A list of the Laptop models which you will be able to fit Hard Drives 

Course #2 - How to Install Laptop Memory

You'll discover……

  • What all the memory terms mean.
  • Who to use for that 'hard-to find' memory.
  • General Memory Troubleshooting Guidelines.
  • Comprehensive FAQ Section.
  • Example Laptop memory prices.
  • Laptop memory product codes.

A list of the Laptop models which you will be able to fit Memory 

Course #3 - How to Fit and Clean a Laptop Keyboard

I'll show you how to take apart the keyboard and how to clean the keyboard.

There is only ONE way to clean a laptop keyboard properly. This technique is without doubt one of the easiest ways for you to make money, as most laptop keys stick after a period of use. The owner then thinks that the keyboard has to be replaced, when in fact it can be sorted out using this cleaning method. You can make a quick £45 on this repair alone.

Course #4 - How To Fit Laptop Screen

  • Laptop screen FAQ section.
  • Laptop screen manufacturers.
  • What to do before ordering a Laptop screen.
  • How to replace the Laptop screen.
  • Toshiba video laptop replacement.
  • Example screens.
  • Example LCD Inverters.
  • Example Video Cables.
  • Laptop Screen Part Numbers.

Course #5 - Toshiba Exploding Diagrams

This part contains diagrams and the part numbers. You'll use this to see where the parts fit together. Other than physically taking a laptop apart, this is the only way to see how the bits and pieces fit together. There are other information sections including pictures of components and the specifications of laptops. This is useful knowledge to have as you'll know exactly what's in a laptop before buying or repairing a particular model. Where else can you find all this information? The answer is….. nowhere!

Consider these advantages of becoming a laptop repair specialist...

  • All your income is earned from home.
  • Can be run by anyone.
  • Free ongoing help.
  • Market and expanding every day.
  • Recession proof.
  • Part-time for full-time money.
  • You can be employed.
  • You can be unemployed.
  • Retired.
  • Want to escape the 9 - 5 grind.

Look! These are the minimum charges…

  • Selling just ONE laptop per week will make £45 per week.
  • Fitting ONE keyboard into a laptop will make £45.
  • Installing memory into a laptop will make £45.
  • Fitting a hard drive will make £45.
  • Installing Windows to a new hard drive will make an additional £45.

Go to you local PC repair shop and ask the price for fitting a laptop hard drive and installing the operating system. You'll be shocked! Purchasing just one of these modules will make the money back in one simple installation of the hard drive and operating system.

Please be aware that this is not a get-rich-quick type scheme. You will need a period of time to absorb this material. A genuine business will not make you rich overnight. This business works, is proven and can be run by anyone.

Along with the course you can email anytime with your questions and we'll be more than happy to answer them.

Well there you have it. I really hope you take advantage of this offer. There really is nothing stopping you from being successful at this. The computer industry is full of opportunities for those who know the right path to take. My course will show you exactly how to turn you into an 'in-demand' computer expert. This will give you the freedom to pack your current employment in and start making a substantial income. And it can be done in a very short space of time.

What's the easiest way into the computer business? Start your own!

Hello my name is Christopher,
(NOTE: this gentleman lives in the USA).

I am writing you this e-mail to let you know that sense I have purchased your product I have become the laptop specialists in my neighborhood. I would have never imagined in 100 years that this would have happened with me I am not considered to a very intelligent person that can take a laptop apart and put them back together but with your package I have became very good at it. I have purchased lots of laptops and repaired them and sold them and the knowledge that I have learned is unbelievable to me. I appreciate the way you communicate with me when I had some problems, and is what you said you'll would do and you did it. Everything you said about this business was true. There is so much information in here its incredible I have been able to purchase all types of equipment to help me with repairing these laptops by using the money I made from selling them. I really do not know how to say thank you so I am just going to say thank you very much.

Option #1 - Download

The fastest way to order is with your credit or debit card. After payment you will then be re-directed to a Web page where you can download your chosen course.

The manuals are in PDF format which you can download. This just means you need the free 'Adobe Acrobat  Reader' to open it. (PDF is a universal electronic file format. Virtually anyone including Macintosh, Windows, DOS, and UNIX system users can view, print and search a PDF file using the free Acrobat Reader.)

#1 Download the How to Fit/Install Laptop Hard Drives
File size: 609kb - Pages: 66 - $19.95 (USD).
Click here to order and download
#2 Download the How to Install Laptop Memory
File size: 869kb - Pages: 106 - $19.95 (USD).
Click here to order and download
#3 Download the How to Fit and Clean a Laptop Keyboard
File size: 1,889kb - Pages: 39 - $19.95 (USD).
Click here to order and download
#4 Download the How to Fit Laptop Screens
File size: 881kb - Pages: 40 - $19.95 (USD).
Click here to order and download
#5 Download the Toshiba Exploding Diagrams
File size: 4,125kb - Pages: 204 - ONLY...$19.95 (USD).
Click here to order and download

Option #2 - Laptop Repair Course CD1, CD2 and Floppy


CD-1 comes with all the courses on a CD: How to Fit/Install Laptop Hard Drives - How To Install Laptop Memory - How To Fit and Clean Laptop Keyboards - How To Fit Laptop Screens - Toshiba Exploding Diagrams.

PLUS...And for those that need more help, I've included the following bonus course:

'How to Build a Computer in 12 Easy Steps' (PDF document 171 pages)

is will enable you to not only build your own computer, but go on to make money building computers for This will enable you to you to not only build your own computer, but go on to make money building computers for others. A lot of people do this with great success. I cover the installation of all the major computer parts including : Socket and Slot Processors, Memory, Hard Drives, CD-ROM, CD-R & DVD Drives, Modems, Graphic adapters, Sound Cards, Floppy Drives and Socket A, Socket 7, Slot 1, Celeron, Pentium and AMD Motherboards.

Learn exactly what's in your machine, and how the parts work, and you'll never be confused by a computer salesman's double-talk. You can also enjoy the satisfaction that comes with owning a computer you built yourself!

And NO technical jargon. This is the very same courseware that I use to teach in our 'PC Builder's Course'. It's so easy to follow that we've even had requests from schools to use it. It's that easy! A complete step-by-step photographic procedure. This is a PDF document which is included in the above CD.

PLUS...I've included the following bonus courses:

'QuickLearn MS Office Starter Package'
(12 courses)

Starter pack of our QuickLearn™ MS Office ( 97, 2000 and XP) training courseware. Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint training.

These courses are used by individuals, the self -employed, corporate companies, military personnel, schools and colleges. Once again written by yours truly! And you're getting ALL the starter versions (97, 2000 and XP). A total number of 12 courses included on this CD!

If you wish to expand your business into MS Office training, I'll supply you with the courseware and necessary marketing material. This information will be sent with your order. You can use the starter courses to get an idea of the courseware and see if it's something you would like to get involved with. Providing MS Office training is a great area to expand into.

CD-2 contains all the technical stuff you need to run your own successful laptop repair business. Business Stationery, Drivers, Essential Programs and every Boot Disk you'll ever likely to need. This is a huge collection.

These are the programs, drivers, patches and manuals ( 500MBs ), on the CD.

Acer | AST | AST M Series | AST P Series Boot Disk CD Drivers | BootDisk Images (floppy | Business Stationery | Chips & Technologies Display Drivers | Company Manuals | Compaq | Diagnostic Disk | Drivers and Updates | ESS Audio Drivers | IBM | Installing SODIMM Memory | Modems | Panasonic | Sharp PC9000 | Toshiba | Tufftest Diagnostic Program |

PLUS...I'll also supply you with the special report on 'How to Buy and Sell Laptops'. (PDF document 28 pages)

This is the exact procedure we used to buy and sell second-hand laptops. You must have an Internet connection to use this technique. You also need about £50 to buy your first laptop. This is a PDF document which is included in the above CD.

You also receive the 'Quick Hard Drive Preparation floppy disk'.

One thing which seems to put a lot of people off building a computer, is installing the operating system. Well, if you're one of those people - I've good news for you.

Because of the number of computers we've built and laptops which need Windows re-installing, we developed a 'Quick Hard Drive Preparation Program' on floppy disk. The disk will walk you through the hard drive preparation and installation of the operating system. In other words you don't have to type any DOS commands. The disk works with any Windows operating system you wish to install. It will automatically prepare, format and install generic CD drivers so you can install the operating system straight from the CD. And it's dead easy to use! The disk is especially useful for laptops where you have to swap the floppy drive with the CD drive in order to install the operating system. You simply get to the line that displays 'Remove Diskette and press ENTER and press any key to continue...' You then simply remove the floppy drive and insert your CD drive; restart the laptop and then insert the Windows CD. You can now install the Windows operating system. This is the only disk, that we know of, which will allow you to do this clever little trick. 

Total of 2 CDs and Floppy Disk.

How To Order the Laptop Repair CDs and Floppy Disk Combination
The fastest and easiest way to order is directly online with your Credit or Debit card.
Price: $87.00 (USD) Post and Packing included.

Click Here To Order Your Two CD and Disk Combination

If you're a company or educational institute and need to pay by cheque, please send us an email and we'll supply you with the necessary purchase order form.

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